50th Anniversary of St Andrew’s



This Methodist Church of St Andrew’s, was newly built and opened, on the site of four previous churches, on 6th January 1968.  Celebrations throughout 2018. We would love to welcome everyone.  

  1. Methodists moved from cramped accommodation, in New Street, into slightly larger premises on this site;  a chapel previously used by The Independents, (1795 — 1796).

2. Larger Methodist Church built on this site after demolition  of previous chapel,   (sorry no picture),  (1796 — 1813).


3. Then a larger Methodist Chapel on this site (1813 — 1901)


4. Then a New Methodist Church (St John’s) on this site, (1902  — 1966)

  5.  And finally a new St Andrew’s Methodist Church was opened on 6th January 1968 amidst Great Celebrations.

pump street