House Groups

House Groups – an important part of worship 

House Groups, or home groups as they are also called, are an integral and very important part of the worship and development of our discipleship at St. Andrew’s and at our sister church at Norton. House groups are an offshoot of the original Methodist class structure whereby Methodists met regularly to help each other in their spiritual growth and development. At St.Andrew’s there are currently four groups that meet at different times each week and follow courses that usually last five sessions. For some years we followed courses prepared by York Courses, but in the last year or so, our courses have been devised internally and this is the pattern proposed for the immediate future. Altogether about 30 church members at St. Andrew’s are members of house groups, and others have been following the courses who have been unable to attend meetings at the times given. House groups are hosted by church members in their own homes.


The groups meet for five sessions in autumn and five in Lent. The recent autumn course devised by one of our members was entitled ‘Meals with Jesus’ and was based on five scenes in the New Testament when Jesus ate with his disciples or others and carried out some of his teaching, such as the Last Supper and Emmaus. The forthcoming Lent course is on the joint themes of Discipleship and Mission, based on the new Methodist statement of ourselves as a ‘Discipleship Movement Shaped for Mission.’  It is hoped very much that, not only will more church members attend these groups, but that others reading this website may feel inclined to give this a try and join us.